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Matouk-Montreux Down Comforters
Matouk-Montreux Down ComfortersMatouk-Montreux Down Comforters

Matouk-Montreux Down Comforters

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Article: D002 King Allseas

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*These exceptional Down Comforters are NOT always in stock. BUT can be special ordered at any time by calluing (307)734-7424. We have the sample comforter at the store to see and feel, please come in to Linen Alley where we can answer all your questions a
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Product Information

Every pillow and comforter is assembled with care from start to finish. We start with the finest quality down, sourced from Europe's finest farms, and purified using pristine Alpine water.

Our pillows and comforters are offered in a variety of firmnesses and weights and are designed to appeal to a wide range of sleeping styles and needs. We also offer our full range of comforters in custom sizes. For those looking for down-alternative bedding, our remarkable down-free line provides softness, warmth, and comfort on par with the Collection.

Down and down-free pillows and comforters are the perfect way to finish your bed, taking the beautiful look and feel created by our linens and adding the lush loft and comfort you’ve dreamed of. Matouk’s Down collection has been made with the same expertise and attention to detail we lavish on your sheets, pillowcases, and bed covers, and every night you’ll luxuriate in the result.

Daily Care

We recommend always using your Down Collection comforters and pillows with Matouk duvet covers, pillow protectors, and pillowcases or shams. Washing bed linens regularly will also help protect your Down Collection items. When following these procedures, cleaning your Down Collection duvets and pillows is recommended not more than once per year. 
 To extend the life of your Down Collection duvets, shake them out after waking up each day, which helps any moisture absorbed while sleeping to evaporate more easily. Do not expose Down Collection comforters and pillows to direct sunlight, and never beat comforters or pillows to fluff or freshen them, as this can damage the down inside. Instead, gently fluff comforters and pillows regularly to avoid clumping and allow the down to be at it’s full loft. This helps ensure the best insulation and comfort for your sleep experience.


When not using your down, place it back in its original Matouk packaging or in loose, breathable storage bags and store in a cool, dry place. Do not compress down during storage, which will negatively affect loft.

Washing Instructions

When cared for properly, the products in our Down Collection should only require cleaning once per year or less frequently. While our Libero, Montreux, Valletto, and Chalet lines may be machine washed, the comforters and pillows in our Edelweiss line must be professionally cleaned.
Our Libero, Montreux, Valletto, and Chalet comforters and pillows can be machine washed in cold water on the gentle cycle in an adequately sized front load washing machine using a small amount of mild detergent. (Too much soap can strip the down of its natural oils; be sparing.) We recommend running comforters and pillows through two rinse cycles to ensure that all soap has been washed out. Never use bleach or fabric softener. Always remove duvet covers and pillow protectors before washing.
 It is essential that duvets and pillows are dried completely after washing. This will prevent the down from clumping and preclude any mold from growing.
Dry comforters and pillows on low heat in a large or extra-large capacity dryer or line dry out of direct sunlight. Machine drying may take a few hours. Adding wool dryer balls or a few clean, new tennis balls tucked into clean socks into the dryer will help gently fluff the down as it dries.

What sets your down apart from other down?
The Matouk Down Collection was created with one uncompromising goal: It would be not just luxurious, but undisputedly the best in its class. We carefully selected our trusted European manufacturing partners knowing that they shared this goal, made evident by their relationships with the best European duck and goose down suppliers that provide the highest quality down available. We are able to trace the origin of every item in our Down Collection to the farms in Europe where the down is sourced. This is an extraordinary measure that assures our down is both of the highest quality and also that it is certified to be from humane suppliers.

The integrity of the partnerships we form, along with their manufacturing practices, are equally important to us. Our down manufacturing partner in Europe, Dorbena, like Matouk, is a family-owned company that aligns with our own core values and beliefs. Dorbena produces and manufactures our Down Collection in a facility with high environmental standards, including the use of solar energy, clean Alpine water, and biodegradable washing agents. All textiles and accessory components are certified as Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which ensures that no chemicals harmful to human health are used.


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