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Custom Product Guide: Sleep Enlightened

Custom Product Guide: Sleep Enlightened

How to Choose the Right Mattress Height for Your Bedroom Design

The standard mattress height, or average mattress height, is 12 to 14-inches; however, it's common to find 15-, 16-, and even 20-inch mattresses, especially in the more plush tensions. When it comes to designing your bedroom, especially when you have a designer who is having custom pieces of furniture made for your bedroom, it is important to make sure that you choose the right mattress FIRST...not last.

If your furniture gets designed leaving you with only 10" or less for a mattress you are going to find you have very few options to choose from.

The most luxurious, premium beds: Hastens and ViSpring (both handmade beds, of all natural ingredients) have standard mattress heights of less than 10", though their pricing is justified, they are in the highest pricing category. 

We, at Linen Alley, are acutely concerned with your comfort at night; and how well you sleep. From your mattress to your bedding we make it our personal mission to both arrange a gorgeous bed and make sure your mattress is exactly right to optimize your sleeping experience.

Start in Linen Alley. We work hand in hand with designers on a regular basis. A custom piece is "custom" and can be made to any height to accommodate your mattress needs; beauty and comfort can be achieved when you start with us first.

Standard Mattress heights in Beautyrest:

13.5" and up.

*their best priced option: BRS800 is approximately 10", we usually recommend this as a child's mattress or a bunk bed mattress. There is only 1 comfort level available at this height.



11" to 15.5"



Any Hastens middle mattresses can accommodate limited heights of 10" or less without issue. AND can be custom designed in any shape or size needed!! 

Hastens beds are also fully customizable in fabric choices for the base and headboard, you can choose leg options to fit your design as well. This brand is an excellent choice if you are looking for both custom and comfort.


*Same as Hastens: a fully customizable brand for limited mattress height, base fabric and design. From the headboard to the mattress itself there are too many options to list.

We would love to go over all of the options in Vispring and Hastens brands with you in person in our showroom, where we have all the samples for you to touch and feel, and borrow.











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