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Matouk Bedskirt Box Pleat Pique 14 1/2" Drop
Amalfi Bedding
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Amalfi Bedding
Matouk Nocturne Hemstitch
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Matouk Nocturne Hemstitch
OUR PURPOSE is to enrich the lives of our customers and their families by creating the most beautiful and beloved collection of bed and bath linens.

The following core beliefs reinforce our purpose and define the values and actions of our colleagues in our everyday work.

WE BELIEVE that a promise from Matouk to our customers is included with each and every product that we sell. Everything we produce will meet the highest standards for excellence in quality and design. We will always select the best materials and utilize the optimal manufacturing techniques. And each customer who buys a Matouk product will be valued, listened to and given the best long-term experience possible.

WE BELIEVE in mutually beneficial relationships with all of our business partners. Our interactions with suppliers, distributors, and retailers are characterized by fairness, honesty, and respect. We seek out partners with whom we share vision and values. Our employees are committed to business practices that result in shared success for all.

WE BELIEVE that creative thinking and innovation will guide us to a future of success and growth. We foster a creative environment in our workplaces and nurture a creative mindset in our employees. We encourage innovative approaches to problem solving at every level of the organization. While we honor our heritage and the greatest legacies of our past, we simultaneously embrace the changes required to maintain leadership and competitiveness in the future.

WE BELIEVE in a company that takes care of its employees and employees who take care of the company and each other. We treat our co-workers as individuals and consider employee impact in all of our business decisions. Matouk workplaces will be environments where productivity lives in harmony with creativity, trust, safety and comfort. We will work with a sense of profound commitment to the company’s purpose while dedicating equal spirit towards bringing out the best in one another.

Most Frequently Asked Question: How to Keep Your White Bed Linens...White

Most Frequently Asked Question: How to Keep Your White Bed Linens...White


Of all the questions we get asked, there is one that we are always prepared to answer: how to keep your bed linens as white as the day you bought them.  Body oils, sweat, makeup and body products can find their way into the nooks and crannies of those pristine white threads, sticking to them and lending a yellow tone.  And that's before the pets and children lend their special patina.

Here's our advice to make it better.

If it's yellowing linens that are keeping you up at night (and seriously, they shouldn't) fight every instinct in your body to turn to the bleach.  As counter-intuitive as this may seem, chlorine bleach can react with the oils, sweat, and product on your linens and make them more yellow, not less.  So step away from the bleach and look towards the old-fashioned heroes: baking soda and white vinegar.


Using whatever detergent you normally use (and we of course recommend our own) add about a half-cup of baking soda at the beginning of the wash cycle. Stand by for the rinse cycle, and pour in a half-cup of the white vinegar.  Don't worry about the smell; it will be gone by the end of the wash.


Side note: We always advise skipping fabric softener, especially liquid fabric softener because it will leave a film on the fabrics that can ruin them if not rinsed repeatedly.  Vinegar and baking soda will naturally soften the fabric, so you won't need them anyway.


While too much sun can damage the fibers of your linens, hanging them to air-dry in a sunny spot will further enhance the work of the soda and vinegar.  Sunlight has whitening power, and any stains that may not have come out in the initial wash won't be set from the heat of the dryer.  Plus, drying in fresh air always smells, and feels, so good.




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