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Hastens Pillow 2000T Soft Queen 50 x 75 (Disc)
Hastens Pillow 2000T Soft Queen 50 x 75 (Disc)

Hastens Pillow 2000T Soft Queen 50 x 75 (Disc)

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Article: 2000T/Sft/Queen

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Unique beds deserve unique pillows. Teeming with the just-right blend of high-quality down and feathers, all our pillows are encased in soft, breathable 100 percent cotton.
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Product Information

Hästens Pillows


Hästens pillows and duvets are made from the very best pure goose or duck down, with its own built-in ventilation system that lets it breathe. Let your body experience our pure, premium quality and natural materials.




We only use what we consider to be the finest natural materials. Sustainably produced and ethically sourced – so that those materials can be given a new life one day. A product that comes from nature wants to return to nature and that’s how it should be.


Why do you need a down duvet and pillows?


And why should you care about thread count?


It’s all to do with softness, support, air circulation and temperature. A Hästens bed is designed and made from natural materials because they breathe and let air circulate around your whole body as you sleep. So your body can get a little help to regulate its temperature, which will mean you wake up less. To then cover your body with something that could potentially stifle your bed’s ability to breathe makes precious little sense. So all Hästens bed linen, duvets and pillows are created and made from materials that complement the Hästens sleep experience rather than restrict it.


The Difference with the right pillow and duvet


Made from premium pure white goose down and small feathers, Hästens down pillows and duvets breathe and provide the best insulation for an all-natural environment. Our studies reveal that no matter how breathable your bed is, the wrong duvet or pillows will stifle its ability to circulate air around your body.


Your pillow and duvet play a key role in ensuring a sound sleep. It is important to choose the right pillow to give your spine and neck the right conditions to retain an anatomically correct position during sleep.


Purest Down


Ever since 1926, Hästens has been perfecting pillows and duvets using the finest down and feathers available—nothing synthetic, just pure natural down and feathers from geese and ducks. Down insulates and holds warmth for your body, while allowing moisture to evaporate, and providing delicate support. Ducks and geese fare rather well wearing “the same suit of clothes” in cold winters and hot summers. And so will you when you sleep with Hästens pillows and duvets filled with clean, new down and feathers.


No Sweat


To ensure that you get the greatest benefit from down’s amazing properties, the fabric in our duvets and pillow also hits a very high standard and is woven to our unique specifications. It is strong, lightweight, downproof and 100% cotton.


Woven with fine threads so air can circulate, our fabrics and linens help the down filling to breathe. Over time, what we’ve learned is that there’s a fine line between sumptuous comfort and lack of ventilation when it comes to thread count. You want a softness but not insulation. At Hästens we choose fabrics that blend durability with lightness, to heighten the experience of sleeping on air. The best thread count for the specific material without compromising on breathability—that’s real luxury bedding.


Be wary of lesser-quality down products that are often sprayed with glue-like sealant to keep down from escaping but which also prevents the air from circulating.


If you have felt sweaty under a down duvet, it is probably because it has been sprayed with glue, the bed is made from synthetic material, or your bedroom is too hot (14–18°C is recommended).


San Pro Care®


Hästens fabrics are ecologically treated with San Pro Care® to absorb moisture five times faster and release it two times faster than conventional fabrics.


90% goose down, 10% goose feather

Eco-Medium Standard Pillow:

70% goose down, 30% goose feather


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