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Hastens Eala
Hastens EalaHastens EalaHastens EalaHastens EalaHastens Eala

Hastens Eala

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Hästens Eala
The bed that unites sturdiness with fluffiness. It’s the extra layers in Hästens Eala that make for such extraordinary sleep. Layer upon layer upon layer of horsetail hair, wool, cotton & flax are masterly handcrafted to create a perfect bed
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Product Information

Hästens Eala

The bed that unites sturdiness with fluffiness.

In Hawaii, people cry “E ala!” to wake each other. After your first night in Hästens Eala, you may well understand the reasoning behind the choice of names. This is a bed created to make you more alert, more patient – even, dare we say it, friendlier – each moment you are not in it.

It’s the extra layers in Hästens Eala that make for such extraordinary sleep. Layer upon layer upon layer of horsetail hair, wool, cotton and flax are masterly handcrafted to create the optimum environment for restful nights. And even more awakened days.
These natural fibers absorb the moisture your body produces during the night, transporting it away through the sides of the bed. At the same time, fresh air circulates freely around your body. Two spring systems, featuring flax-reinforced corners, complete the comfort experience. The objective behind this meticulous method? To provide every last part of your body with precisely the support it longs for.


  • 2 layers of bolster fabric from exceptionally durable virgin cotton.

  • 2 layers of hand-teased J horsetail hair.

  • 8 layers of cotton and wool.

  • 1 pocket spring system, 15 cm high, with springs that act individually and never hook into each other.

  • 4 reinforced corner springs (covered in soft flax), to ensure both comfort and stability when you sit on the edge.

  • Reinforced edge springs along all sides, to prevent you from rolling out of the bed and to make it easier to get up.

  • Meticulously placed side-stitching, which increases both stability and pliability.

  • 4 robust handles on the long sides to make it easy to turn the mattress.


Forms the basis of the floating and wonderfully relaxing feeling you get in an Eala.

  • 1 layer of bolster fabric of outstandingly durable virgin cotton.

  • 1 layer of cotton and wool.

  • 2 layers of flax that provide sound insulation and conduct static electricity away.

  • 1 Bonnell spring system, 13 cm high, with machine-knotted coil springs.

  • 1 frame in solid, slow-growing Swedish pine with finger joints, 9.2 cm high.

  • 1 layer of cotton lining that protects the bed from below.

  • Minimum 4 sturdy legs, recessed to prevent you from stubbing your toes.

Hästens Eala is available in standard sizes: Twin Long, Full, Queen, King, Cal King or can be custom made to your bespoke length and width, to a maximum size 400×400 cm. For widths wider than 220 cm,the base will be split in two.Custom-made beds between 90 cm and 220 cm in width are priced according to the next standard size up, plus a 20% supplement. 80 cm width is available at the same price as 90 cm, without a supplement. Custom-made beds wider than 220 cm are priced in proportion to the bed’s area (cm2).

Choose between four different levels of firmness: soft, medium, firm and extra firm. Beds 180 cm wide or wider can have a different firmness level on either side. Please note, opting for a soft half on a 180 cm wide bed can give the impression of narrowness on that side.

WEIGHT 148.8 kg. (180×210 cm)

Total height: 62 cm (including top mattress5 cm, mattress 22 cm, base 26 cm and recommended legs 9 cm*)

Number of layers: 28

Choose between different fabrics from categories A, B and C.

Blue Check and Silver Beige Check are always available at no extra cost; other fabrics carry a supplementary charge.

Hästens standard bed legs are included,or you can customize your bed with legsin your choice of materials, finishes and designs

FRAME 16.8 cm high with finger joints. FSC-certified pine.


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