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Home Treasures

Home Treasures

HT Jacqueline
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HT Jacqueline
HT Quilted Houston
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HT Quilted Houston
HT Jackson Flannel
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HT Jackson Flannel

Since our founding in 1988, we at Home Treasures have been committed to providing our customers with luxurious, fully bespoke bed, bath and table linens. Using only the finest textiles in the world, our experienced seamstresses in Houston, TX take the time to carefully craft unique, custom pieces based on your individual style and specifications. We are proud to produce our products in the U.S.A., close to the people who will cherish them for generations to come.

We believe that people want, and deserve, belongings that accurately reflect their individual style.


Our Texas-based artisans have over 250 years of experience in crafting fully custom bed, bath and table linens to your exact specifications. From our family to yours, it’s time to enjoy beautifully bespoke pieces, crafted uniquely for you.


Your bedroom is your haven, your personal sanctuary. It’s where you begin each day and return to each night.


We invite you to mix and match our hundreds of options of sheeting to find the right color, texture and style for your bedroom. With quality that feels even better than it looks, our collection of luxury Italian Sateens, Percales, Linens, Modals and Jacquards are available to make your bedroom come to life.

Quilts & Coverlets

Our story begins with the Quilted Coverlet, which continues to serve as the cornerstone of our extensive collection.


With over 60 designs, which can be quilted in your choice of cotton, linen, modal and wool, in a range of more than 250 colors, the possibilities are limitless. Beautiful, comfortable and practical for every day, our coverlets bring a polished finish to your bedroom.


Heritage quilts, reinvented for modern day living.


Your bathroom is your retreat: where you escape to relax and unwind.


Seamlessly extend the beauty and craftsmanship from your bedroom to your bathroom with our customizable towels. Our cotton, Turkish terry towels are plush and absorbent, bringing a spa-like feel to any bathroom, while our linen guest towels bring that perfect finishing touch to your powder room.


Enhance your daily routine with bespoke towels that speak to your most personal needs.


Dating back to antiquity, monograms give an emphasized level of personalization and distinction. Home Treasures offers embroidered monogramming, which is stitched directly into the fabric, on all our bed, bath and table linens.


If you need extra customization, such as a special logo or specific thread color, we’d love to help make your monogram dreams come true.


We pride ourselves in crafting each piece to your specifications. By making everything locally in the USA, our lead times allow you the flexibility to exercise your creativity.


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