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Amalia Home Collection

Amalia Home Collection

The Best Accessories for your Bedroom

Our bedroom is where we sleep, but it’s also much more than that. We will teach you how you can add that special touch that will turn a mere funcional bedroom into a cozy space that feels welcoming all the time.

Our bedroom is our refuge, our comfort zone, where we go when we are sad and need to be alone, where we spend hours on the phone with our friends, where we read our favorite books and watch our favorite movies and tv shows. For this reason, it’s very important that our bedroom make us feel comfortable and happy.


Simple or colorful, pillowsare always the best way to add some pattern and texture to your bedroom. Try add some pillows in your bedroom and see how magic happens instantly. The space will look so much better and will have a more welcoming feeling. You can try different color combinations, coordinate them with your duvet covers or create a look of your own. Just use your imagination and enjoy the result.



Throws and bedspreads

A cozy throw or bedspreadwill make your bedroom seem more warm and comfortable. One colorful throw add a special contrast to your bedroom and the right bedspread add the perfect subtle touch of texture to your bed. If you have a reading chair, one cozy throw will sure make all the difference and help you to feel more comfortable. 

Discover our bedding collections and accessories

In Amalia Home Collection, we believe that the perfect bedding can transform your entire bedroom. 

Our lavish throws and bedspreadsadd a dramatic statement of opulence and warmth to your bedroom or lounge. They are proudly made in Portugal resourcing some of the finest raw materials, these luxurious items will bring supreme comfort to any home.

Our premium quality shamsare a lovely detail for any well-dressed bed, to coordinate with our duvet covers or to create a look of your own. Woven from high-quality fabrics, from rich jacquards to luxurious sateens, carefully designed to achieve the most premium bedding.

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