How to Decorate With Throw Pillows

How to Decorate With Throw Pillows

Pillows can provide that extra splash of color and texture your house needs. Read on to learn how to decorate with throw pillows the right way.

Are your rooms in need of that extra something? Throw pillows are often a welcome addition to almost any room. Not all throw pillow designs are created equal, though! Using the wrong throw pillows makes a nice room turn into a mess.

It's important to not overdo it with throw pillows. Having too many pillows puts guests in a cramped and awkward space. You don't want to sort through endless pillow shapes, styles, and sizes. Knowing a few simple tips makes knowing how to decorate with throw pillows a breeze. In this article, you'll learn how to decorate any room with throw pillows.

Decorate with Throw Pillows That Are Properly Sized

Place smaller throw pillows towards the center of a couch. Guests will naturally sit away from decorative throw pillows. No guest wants to squash throw pillows by sitting on them.

Having larger throw pillows in the middle of a couch will have guests pushed near the edge. Small throw pillows at the center of a couch are easier for guests to move.

It's best to keep larger pillows near the sides of a couch for added padding. Larger throw pillows are best for guests to have the option of laying their head down.

A standard throw pillow is 18 inches in diameter and fits well on most couches.


Pillow Colors Should Accent Room

Great rooms include colors that work well with each other. Having colors with no theme often leads to a decorating disaster.

It's best to have a color palette in mind which gives you plenty of shades to choose from. Choose throw pillow colors within this palette and you'll rarely go wrong.

You'll want throw pillow colors that add contrast to your room. Including solid-colored throw pillows accents a room filled with patterns. Rooms that have more neutral tones look great with bright throw pillows.

Combining both solid and striped throw pillows adds style to any room. Adding striped throw pillows is a classic design choice with timeless appeal.


Get Creative with Patterns and Shapes

Having a base of colors to work gives you a range of hues to work with. Knowing what colors to use lets you fine tune the pillow selection process.

For example, a room heavy in greens would work well with yellow or brown throw pillows.

Mixing shapes is a great way to decorate with throw pillows. Include more rounded pillows near the center of a couch with square pillows on the sides.

You might find a throw pillow cover sold without the actual pillow. It's wise to have spare decorative pillow inserts for that next eye-catching cover.


Texture of Throw Pillows Is Important

It's important that you contrast throw pillow textures. You'll want to contrast softer couches with more textured throw pillows and vice versa.

Having textures that don't match means couch cushions slip down to the floor. Mixing couch and pillow textures provide extra traction.

Do you need to find those perfect throw pillows for your home? Our website, Linen Alley, has many decorative throw pillows to choose from.


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