Tofte Fair Isle Wool Blanket-Natural/Heather Charcoal

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 Double woven to create a plush, luxurious hand, the Tofte Fair Isle blanket is perfectly finished with a tailored felt edge.

- 85% Merino wool / 15% cotton
- Dry clean only
- Reverse design on back

Wool is the original miracle fiber. It’s naturally stain, wrinkle and water-resistant, so it rarely need cleaning. In fact the best way to refresh your woolens is the natural way: Simply shake or gently brush the woolens and hang them outdoors.

Dry cleaning is recommended. You can also hand wash in cold water with a mild cleaning agent designed for wool. Hand wash does not mean the Gentle or Hand Wash cycle in a washing machine, as the agitation can cause the fibers to interlock. Line dry, taking care to rotate the woolen to prevent stretching. Iron only on low, only if necessary. Do not bleach. If these instructions aren’t followed significant shrinkage and a change in texture could occur.

Machine wash cold, separately, on a gentle cycle. A gentle cleaning agent designed for wool is recommended. Side load washing machines are the gentlest. Tumble dry low, removing promptly when dry. Line drying is also recommended, taking care to rotate the woolen to prevent stretching. Iron only on low, only if necessary. Do not use fabric softener, as it can increase pilling. Do not bleach.

If a blanket, throw or scarf wrinkles you can simply hang it for a day and wrinkles will smooth out, usually within 24 hours. Woolens can also be ironed on a low setting or carefully steamed.

Most woolens have been treated to make them moth resistant. It’s best to brush them clean –or, if soiled, clean them following the instructions above- and store them in airtight container when not in use for extended periods. Cedar and herbal products offer limited protection, and only when the fragrance is very strong.

Pilling is caused by wool fibers becoming intertwined on the surface of the woolen as a result of wear or abrasion, even with gentle use. The finer the wool, the more susceptible it is to pilling. A lint brush or nylon-bristled garment brush are the most effective way to remove pills. Brush in the same direction, along the length of the woolen. Regular, gentle brushing can prevent most pilling.

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